Traveller’s Dilemma

“It’s all about the people not the place.” It’s a cliche I know, but it’s so true. That’s what I love most about travelling— meeting such a variety of colourful characters from all over the world. Everyone is so individual and so interesting. Not like at home, where it’s just the same people, day in, day out; same places, same jokes, same conversations. There’s so much less drama, and people aren’t judging you on your past school grades, partners, or career. I’m not X’s ex; I’m not X’s daughter; I’m not X’s friend… I’m just me right here, right now! We’re all just living and learning in the present moment. Continue reading Traveller’s Dilemma



Happiness is a term often bandied about, commandeered by marketing agencies for campaigns that purport to hold the elixir for true and continuous contentment. Buy this drink, wear this make up, use this toothpaste, chew this gum, and all of life’s little inadequacies will fade into the ether. Happiness is the destination, product the vehicle, and money the key. But is there happiness that isn’t bound and controlled by external material and commercial forces? This search for real and everlasting happiness is a quest for truth and substance within an environment which is intrinsically deceptive and impermanent; It is a hunt for the strong of heart and sharp of mind. Continue reading WAITING FOR HAPPINESS



Whether it captures your silliest or slickest moment, the selfie conveys a snapshot representing the height of today’s increasingly self-obsessed culture. A current trend among teens, and growing in popularity over ages and cultures, the “selfie” is the almost contemporary equivalent of a self-portrait and a word that has only recently entered my vocabulary. Taking photos of myself at any dull or quirky moment in my life and inflicting the pictures on my friends and family is a novel idea to me and will probably remain just an idea. For more discerning people, the concept of the selfie is intriguing on another level—it’s a visual excerpt from a life embedded in a narcissistic culture. Continue reading THE RISE OF ME

In Pursuit of Cool

I didn’t grow up in a religious or spiritual home. My parents are salt-of-the-earth type people; hearty, practical-minded farmers. They laugh loud, work hard, and take things at face value. How they came to have an introverted daughter who pulled their bedside clock to pieces looking for the source of time, I’m not too sure. Continue reading In Pursuit of Cool