Open day 2016

When: 4th June, 2016 11am – 3pm
Where: Bhaktivedanta Manor, Watford. For address, information and driving instructions, please click HERE Entry: Free Activities:
  • Free Yoga & Meditation sessions
  • Tour of the beautiful interior of the temple, milking cows and working oxen centre, meditation rooms, George Harrison Garden, and Woodland Walk
  • Ox-cart rides
  • Bouncy castle, face-painting, and other activities for Kids
  • Meet the monks and share a story
  • Henna face and body art
  • Try on a Sari for ladies
  • Speciality cakes, sweets and heavenly savouries food stall
  • Free Vegetarian meal
  • Natural organic vegetables stall from the organic farm
  • A lot more…
Come and spend an adventurous open day at the Krishna centre and experience the culture and tradition of a spiritual community in the heart of Hertfordshire. Relax in the peaceful gardens and also enlighten yourself along the way! A day for children and adults alike. Continue reading Open day 2016

Buckland Hall: A Retreat in Brecon Beacons


THIS RETREAT HAS FINISHED. If you would like to stay in touch with us and find out about more events, please subscribe HERE

The first of a few to come this year, this retreat will allow you to immerse yourself in a spiritual experience while relaxing away from home in the Brecon Beacons countryside. And what can be better than being in an ancient, comfortable, 4-star country mansion with friends!

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The Happiness Quotient

What makes us happy in life? What decides how happy we will be in the future? Is it money? Success? Relationships? The Bhagavad Gita, one of the oldest texts on spirituality and origin of eastern philosophy and wisdom, states that it is actually our attitude towards life that determines our happiness. There is no guaranteed way to make life free from problems, but having a healthy attitude towards life can prevent external situations from interfering with our internal state of consciousness. Continue reading The Happiness Quotient

The wisdom of ‘Free Speech’

We live in an overcommunicated world. The prevailing culture insists we reply to all text messages within 10 minutes, be mindful of the mountain of emails building up in our inbox, and religiously return random ‘missed calls’ on our phones. Don’t forget to regularly post something witty on Facebook, follow your best friends on twitter and utilise all the free airtime minutes on your contract! It is, after all, good to talk. But what is the net result of this web of exchange? Does it foster a greater sense of relationship and community? Is it a case of more connected, but further apart?

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I’m Moral

I’d like to make a confession (nothing major). While driving on the M25 last week, I sped ahead on the main carriageway and then abruptly cut into the junction exit road; a convenient way to avoid the huge tailbacks and get to my destination pronto. As you can imagine, I got quite a few angry horns and unsavory looks. It prompted me to think about whether spiritualists need to worry themselves with worldly morality. How important is it to follow social niceties? Is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ simply a subjective and relative worldview based on the prevailing cultural milieu of the day? Isn’t a spiritualist automatically moral? Does following such ethics contribute anything to the divine journey?

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Once upon a time, 50 years ago…

In 1965, fifty years ago today, an elderly Indian gentleman boarded a steamship in Calcutta. He was a saffron-robed sadhu – a holy man – bound for America, a place he had never visited before, and a place where he had no friends. Almost 70, he had spent the last eight years in the medieval town of Vrindavan, the home of Lord Krishna. In the last years of his life he wanted to give his spiritual message to the world, but at such an advanced age in a foreign country, and with no support, what could he do? How many would listen to him?

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The true value of life

Once, a long time ago in India, there was a poor man who lived with his wife in a small cottage deep in a forest. Every day the man would pick up sticks from the forest floor, make them up into bundles then stack them carefully in a circle. Covering them over with earth he would burn them slowly until the wood had charred black. The result was charcoal – a fuel that was very light to carry but excellent for cooking. He made very little money from this trade but was satisfied with what he had. Not many visitors came into the forest because it was filled with wild animals, so sometimes the man and his wife felt lonely, but the forest was peaceful and they were happy. Continue reading The true value of life


Animal Planet

The desire to satisfy our senses is the essential mechanism of life. It is the force that drives us to act. Actions then bring about results. Results give us temporary satisfaction, but then we soon find ourselves where we began, again driven by renewed desires. Ultimately, we are left without having answered the fundamental question: Is there something beyond the quest to fulfill our sensual desires, or is this drive simply the natural survival mechanism that exists in both animals and humans? The answer to this question lies in understanding consciousness, the symptom of life itself, which in turn allows us to see what truly separates us from the animal kingdom. Continue reading Animal Planet